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Australia and New Zealand Vendor Directories
Each of the following fields leads to a directory of all vendors of the technology concerned that are represented in the Australian and New Zealand markets that I have been able to identify and which have provided me with the necessary information.

Audio call recording systems

Collaborative browsing products

Computer telephony integration (CTI) software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software

E-mail management software products

Help desk software

IVR systems

Predictive diallers

Speech recognition and other speech technologies

Telephone information and management systems

Telephone systems

Workforce management software

Videoconferencing products

Vendors in Alphabetical Order

International Vendor Directories

Why this Directory?
Why, when there are a number of comparable directors in print and/or on line, have I gone to the trouble of developing, and committing myself to maintaining, another? I've done this for three reasons. First of all, from my various consulting and writing activities, I already had much of the content. But secondly and more significantly, it is the contect of these other directories that has prompted me to develop this one.

Too many of those I have accessed appear to have an inclusion policy of "submit your entry, select as many categories as you want, no questions asked". The descriptions used in this directory are descriptions I have written, technical, factual, brief and without the promotional adjectives such as integrated, scalable, cost-effective, fantastic, etc. which attempt to dazzle the reader and disguise what it is that the described system actually does. I have also been strict in putting products into only the categories they belong. Too many vendors of IVR systems, for example, insist they be included in the category of CTI, presumably because it has more cachet. And suppliers of just about anything that can be used in a call centre claim their products to be CRM! I won't buy it and suggest you don't either.

There are also those directories that charge vendors a listing fee with the result that only a fraction of the products in a given category are listed. By contrast, the vendors listed in my directory are listed without any charge, as long as they provide me the information I have asked for from which I have prepared their entry. If a vendor of a product in one of the categories listed is not included, it is either because they maintain such a low profile that I have failed to come across them, or they have refused to respond to repeated e-mails and/or phone calls.

One could argue that my descriptions are too brief. There are two reasons for this, the first being that there is enough work simply compiling and maintaining the product entries as they are. The other reason is that this site is intended to provide users with a directory of vendors in the given categories, but not to undertake any product evaluation. So while descriptions may cite specific capabilities of the products included, they do not attempt to quantify how well a given product performs a given function.

I also am of the opinion that it would not be feasible to attempt to provide an inherent evaluation or rating of how featured or capable a product is, even if I had unlimited time to do so - how capable a product is can only be measured against the requirements of the organisation planning to use it, and these requirements will inherently vary from one organisation to another. A visitor requiring a system in any of these categories must first compile the requirements of that system for their organisation and then compare the capabilities of potential systems to those requirements. This site gives you a list or vendors to talk to, but does not attempt to do any of this evaluation.

This brings me to the third reason for compiling this directory. It's an ad. Visitors who do not have the expertise and/or resources to undertake this evaluation are invited to contact Occidental Communications to discuss consulting services. For further details on these consulting services and contact information, just click on the corresponding pointer at the bottom of this page.

I trust you find this of use.

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