Non-Technical Writing
This page is mixture of useful odds and sods, some technical and some otherwise. Come back to this page from time to time - who know's what you'll find here.

Submission to the 2020 Summit
23 ideas I submitted to the 2020 Summit.

Suggestions for the future that show 20/20 vision
Article published in the Canberra Times , 3 April, 2008

IT in Canada: Hiding the Light Under the Bushell
Article on the poor track record of Canadian IT companies to market themselves which, curiously, a selection of Canadian business magazines and newspapers don't want to know about.

Public Broadcasters: Are they the Exclusive Broadcasters of Education, Information and Entertainment?
Essay written for Public Communications Analysis, UTS, 1997

Content Analysis: Print Media Commentary on the ABC
Essay written for Public Communications Analysis, UTS, 1997

Public Broadcasting and the Public Sphere
Essay written for Advanced Journalism Theory, UTS, 1997

Too Many Paper Shufflers, Too Few Technologists
Paper read on the ABC Radio National program Ockham's Razor, May 1992

Are Australians Really Early Adopters?
Article published (slightly edited) in the journal Marketing as The High-tech Fallacy November 1998

Bias of ABC's Allocation of Music Airtime - A Taboo Topic for the Commercial Media

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