Articles Published, 2000

Voice over IP CRM January 2000

Audio Call Recording eAccess February/March, 2000

More Than a Telephony System Australian Communications March, 2000

Using Packet Switching TCP/SNA [UK] March, 2000

Reducing the I in CTI CRM April, 2000

Linux in the World of Telephony CommsWorld April, 2000

IVR and CTI, Keys to customer communication Telcall May, 2000

IVR and CTI, Keys to customer communication CRM May, 2000

Call centres, CTI and all that jazz Banking Technology May, 2000

PC-based and LAN-based telephone systems Insight IS [UK] May, 2000

The IP PABX: All Operators Busy CommsWorld June, 2000

CTI Alive and Well eAccess June/July, 2000

The Call Centre: Where IT Cultures Clash e-Summit International [Canada] July, 2000

Communications System Resale - Buyer Beware CommsWorld August, 2000

Which Switch is Which? Your Telephone System (Telcall/CRM supplement) September, 2000

Linux Moves Slowly Into Telephony Voice 2000 [USA] September, 2000

Voice over IP Telcall October, 2000

Voice-Enabling Websites - No Quick Fix Business Communications Review [USA] October, 2000

It's the Management (Stupid)! CIO November, 2000

The Consultant Conundrum CIO November, 2000

Gluing it Together CIO November, 2000

What the Future Will Hold CIO November, 2000

Phone Farms CIO November, 2000

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