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Gaytes Information Systems

509, Sakar V, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380009 Gujarat, India
Phone+91 79 26585841
Fax+91 79 66097413
Internet http://www.gaytescorp.com
E-mail info [at] gaytescorp.com

Call Center Solution (CCS)
(International CTI software directory)
Call centre CTI software that performs screen pop, screen transfer with call transfer, screen/keyboard dialling, call routing and optional audio call recording.

Z.PDS Gold
(International predictive dialler directory)
A predictive dialler with its own trunks, that makes its own calls, connects them to the PABX through voice circuits and uses CTI to instruct the PABX to connect them to agents, and which can also be deployed in a software-only configuration.

Australasian Presence
Gaytes is not present in the Australasian market.

Asian Presence
Gaytes is present in the Asian market.

European Presence
Gaytes is not present in the European market.

North American Presence
Gaytes is not present in the North American market.

South American Presence
Gaytes is not present in the South American market.

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