Information for Vendors Seeking Inclusion
This site provides international directories for manufacturers/developers of the following product categories: CTI software, E-mail and collaborative browsing products, LAN-based telephone systems, PABXs and hardware ACDs, PC-based telephone systems, predictive diallers, speech recognition software, text to speech software, voice authentication software, miscellaneous speech technologies (at my discretion) and voiceXML software. A page on workforce management software is planned.

To be included, please send an email to steve2009 [at] listing the company name, address, phone number, fax number, URL and email address, and the name and category of the product. Please note that products will be listed only in the appropriate categories. There is no charge to be listed, companies must simply answer a few questions about their products.

Manufacturers/developers and distributors seeking listing in the Australia and New Zealand directories
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