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This site provides Australian and New Zealand directories for manufacturers/developers and distributors of the following product categories: telephone systems (PABXs, centrex services, PC-based telephone systems and LAN-based telephone systems only, no key systems), IVR systems, speech recognition and other speech technologies, CTI software, predictive diallers, audio call recording systems, E-mail and collaborative browsing products, workforce management software, voice over IP products, CRM software and help desk software.

To be eligible, a vendor must have an office in Australia and/or New Zealand, although only one office per country will be listed. To be included, please send an email to steve2009 [at] listing the company name, address, phone number, fax number, URL and email address, and the name and category of the product. Please note that products will be listed only in the appropriate categories.

There is no charge to be listed, companies must simply answer a few questions about their products.

I do get the odd approach from a vendor seeking a "partnership". Vendors who would like to suggest a partnership please note: I am a consultant and I sell my time. I do not sell any products and I'm not about to. I am not going to visit all my clients and tell them about "how fabulous your product is". I wasn't born yesterday and neither were my clients. That's not to say I'm not open to approaches to, for example, design CTI applications and IVR menus, perhaps using speech recognition, for vendors. I've done that for clients and I would do that for a vendor, provided it was understood that I maintained my independence when engaged on projects involving product selection. My time is for sale, my integrity is not.

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