Call Centre Consulting

Needs Analysis and Operational Review
Projects undertaken have included reviews and analyses of user requirements, technology, technology management, technology operations, carrier services and reporting.

Infrastructure Acquisition
Projects requiring infrastructure acquisition have primarily been conducted using a request for tender (RFT), although other methods have been used. Where an RFT has been used, it has combined the results of a user requirements analysis with a highly detailed tightly-written RFT template which minimises the opportunities for suppliers to take liberties in their responses. Where an RFT has been used, responses have been evaluated used a corresponding response template using weighted scoring and NPV cost analyses.

Application Design
Projects have included the design of applications for CTI, IVR and IVR/speech recognition projects. For some projects, the application has been included in an RFT specification, ensuring the quoted price is that of a working system, not just licence fees.

Traffic Analysis
Many projects have included an analysis of forecast call centre traffic, cost calculations and dimensioning of private network services and trunks to carry it.

Project Management
Projects have included the project management of infrastructure implementation, including the preparation of call routing designs and test plans.

Vendor Management
Projects have included management of incumbent vendors and those selected to provide infrastructure.

Market Knowledge
The principal of Occidental Communications maintains a broad awareness of a large number of vendors in each of several vendor and product categories relevant to call centres. These include the following directories for Australia and New Zealand:

Audio Call Recording Systems

Collaborative Browsing Products

CTI Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

E-mail Products

Help Desk Products

IVR Systems

Predictive Diallers

Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Voice Authentication and VoiceXML Software

Telephone Systems

Voice over IP products

Workforce Management Systems

The principal of Occidental Communications also maintains a number of international product directories of call centre technologies. These are listed in the International Product Directories page.

The reason I have developed these directories of vendors can be found in the Product Directory page.

Vendor Independence
Whether working on a consulting project, writing a piece for publication or compiling the vendors directories cited immediately above, Stephen Coates, the principal of Occidental Communications maintains strict vendor independence. RFTs, for example, are written to reflect the requirements of the client in question and not to seek capabilities some vendors would like to promote. RFTs managed by Stephen Coates for different clients have been won by a number of different vendors.

For a complete capability statement and history of recent projects, contact Occidental Communications.

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