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Formerly named Comverse Infosys, Verint is an international company based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Verint is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comverse Technology other subsidiaries of which include Startel, a developer of PC-based telephone systems is, and Comverse, a developer of VoiceXML software. NetCentrex, a developer of a hosted telephony platform is, in turn, a subsidiary of Comverse.

Australian Office
Level 20, Tower 2, Darling Park Center, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Phone+61 2 9037 4050
Fax +61 2 9264 5758
Internet http://www.verintsystems.com
E-mail marketing.au [at] verint.com

No office in New Zealand

Verint Worldwide
For details on Verint's worldwide presence in Asia, Europe and/or North America, visit the Verint international page.

Ultra (Audio call recording system)
A digital audio call recording system that uses CTI (by incorporating Genesys's Customer Interaction Management) to log call data and/or selectively record calls, and which also captures screen transactions. Ultra is also distributed by Dimension Data, NSC, Touchbase, UCMS and Veridian Solutions.

eQuality suite (Audio call recording system)
Witness is the software component of a digital audio call recording system which also captures screen transactions. Users must procure their own hardware. The eQuality suite is also distributed by Dimension Data, Global Connect, NSC and Premier Technologies.

Impact 360 (WFMS)
Workforce management software offering staffing level forecasting, roster management and adherence to roster start times for one or more skill groups receiving calls and/or e-mails and audio call recording. Impact 360 is also distributed in Australia by Global Connect, NEC, NSC and Premier Technologies.

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