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Interactive Intelligence
Interactive Intelligence is an international company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Australian Office
Level 9, 275 Alfred St., North Sydney, NSW 2060 Australia
Phone+61 2 8918 4800
Fax +61 2 8918 4800
Internet http://www.inin.com
E-mail info [at] inin.com

No office in New Zealand

Interactive Intelligence Worldwide
For details on Interactive Intelligence's worldwide presence, visit the Interactive Intelligence international page.

Customer Interaction Center (CIC) (Australasian telephone systems directory)
(International PC-based telephone system directory)
PC-based telephone system with integral ACD, IVR, voice mail with unified messaging, desktop, personal CTI facilities, audio call recording capability including screen capture, predictive dialler, collaborative browsing using both voice through the Internet and callbacks and routing of e-mails to agents, text chat and workforce management. CIC is also distributed in Australia by Calltime, CPS Technology, Haigh Systems, Hood Sweeney Technology, Quality Plus Callscan and UCMS and in New Zealand by Amtel, Calltime.

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